Shimmer Motes (Fyreflies)

Fine Insect Elemental (fire)
Armor Class 18
Hit Points Swarm 100
Speed 30 ft., Fly
Str- Dex- Con-
Int- Wis- Cha-

Alignment- unaligned

Languages -
Immunities: Immune to fire

Vulnerable to cold

Melee Attack—flame:
+4 To hit (reach 5 ft.; 3 creatures). Hit:1 fire damage.
Flash (Recharge 5–6) 2d6 fire burst in 5 foot burst (reflex Save )

Individual motes present no danger. Crushing them causes a small spark/flame that can be used to start a fire

A swarm of motes when defending their hive can be formidable

Legend has it that Shimmer Motes were originally native to the Elemental Plane of fire that came to the Prime Material through a crack between worlds in the heart of a Volcano . An insect race the Motes only have intelligence when seen as a collection. They are drawn to fires and their hives are hot as a furnace.

Dwarven Druids have learned to cultivate the motes (through spells and husbandry techniques) allowing them to harvest the Shimmering Honey. Even modest dwarven communities will have several “hives” of motes. In dwarven culture it is considered very unlucky to kill them.

They occupy an interesting niche by accelerating the breakdown of stone and rock into soil. Additionally the Motes generate a honey-like substance (Shimmering Honey) that glows palely that has become a staple of the dwarvin diet.


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