List of Nevereach NPCs

LIST: Name / Gender Race Class Approx. Level / Current Status

Draz Amberhelm, the Assurance of Moridan / Male Dwarf Cleric 18 / Leader of the Dwarves of Nevereach

“The Apportionment of the Iron Chain” — Retired adventuring company

  1. Vohon Harrowden / Male Human Wizard 12 / Proprietor of the The Willow Wand & Broken Barrel
  2. Ranald Gilchrist / Male Human Rogue 14 / Barron of the Western Eves (Nevereach Title by marriage)
  3. Edan Verethragna / Male Dwarf Paladin 13 / Dead/lost beyond recall to an incursion by a demon prince in a Temple in the Bleak Rim
  4. Umbra Glittergleam / Female Elf Druid 14 / Damaged mind (Mad??). Last seen traveling west on the old road disposition unknown
  5. Oswald Chlodulf / Male Halfling Cleric 13 / Active among the plains Halflings
  6. Hjálmarr Harrowden / Male Human Ranger 15 / He is most likely dead, last seen north of the great lake on an expedition seeking a Precursor city (5 years ago)

List of Nevereach NPCs

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