The Bleak Rim

The Bleak Rim is the land adjacent to (and between) the five volcanoes. It is practically a moonscape.

The volcanoes names are:

  1. Niran – “Dancing flames”(Elfin name)
  2. Etain – “Little fire” (Dwarven name)
  3. Kegan – “Bright shining flame”(Dwarven name)
  4. Golnar – “Red flower, center of a flame” (Elfin name)
  5. Orinda – “Fire serpent” (Human Barbarian name)

Places of Interest: Somewhere between Kegan and Golnar there was an ancient temple built to dark and nameless powers. Ten years ago, a powerful adventuring company – the Apportionment of the Iron Chain – sought this place out with the intention of destroying it. To their sorrow they found it not abandoned, as they had hoped, but the stronghold of an interloping greater demon and her fell servants. The battle cost the adventurers the mind of one of their number and the very soul of another. It would have cost all of their lives had Umbra Glittergleam not caused an eruption of nearby Golnar which buried the structure whole and covered the parties escape. (costing the Druid her sanity.) The final fate of the demon lord and if any part of the temple remains is yet unknown.

The Bleak Rim

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