The Dwarven Kingdom of Silver Delve

Government Type: Limited Monarchy (Non-Hereditary)

Leader: King Bennin IronBore “the BlackAxe” and the council of the 15 Clans

Population: 8000+ (%5 Hill Dwarves, %95 Mountain Dwarves)

2000 Heavy Militia

Resources: Exceptional Iron, silver and copper reserves. Modest Gold, Rare Gems and limited Mithril reserves.

Products\Trade: Exceptional Weapons, Fine Armor and Fine Stone Engineering. Refined Iron, Silver, Copper and Gold. The unique source for Mithril in this part of the world.


Founded in the second decade after the Sundering, Silver Delve started as a modest Mining community but quickly grew (drawing away many of the Dwarves of FearGaurd) when it became evident that the mining potential at Silver Delve was eminence.

The Mountain Dwarves of Silver Delve are Secular when compared to Khaz-Grom and many of the Dwarves of the Delve look down on the people of the Stronghold feeling that the dwarves there are dwelling in the place of their enslavement.

At least three of the clans are “uncomfortable” with the human city over Khaz-Grom


The 15 Clans

The Iron Regiments: the communities well trained Militia.

Red Hammer Siege-crafters : Unparalleled creators of weapons of war.

Places of Interest:

Plot Hooks:

Elements in this community are looking for something to fight. Hoping to lose the communities highly organized military forces on some enemy. Perhaps the PCs have to move to keep this from happening

The Dwarven Kingdom of Silver Delve

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