The Dwarven Stronghold of FearGaurd

Government Type: Theocracy

Leader: His Reverence Draz Amberhelm The Assurance of Moridan

Population: 3000 (%80 Hill Dwarves, %10 Mountain Dwarves, %5 Gnome %5 Human)

30 Paladins (The Enduring Hammers)

60 Clerics (The Resplendent Furnace)

300 Militia (Fighters)

Resources: Modest Iron, silver and copper reserves. Limited rare gems

Products\Trade: Exceptional Armor, Fine Weapons and Fine Stone Craft and Engineering


Dwarves established the Stronghold of Khaz-Grom in the wake of the fall of the Yan-Ti (The day of broken chains). Jorrim Silver-Greaves chosen of Moradin and the first Assurance(as the leader of the Stronghold is serially known) received a vision/visitation from Moradin and was told that this ground (The place that would become Nevereach ) was scared and must be defended by him and those that follow after against the day that the serpents return.


The Holy Order of the Enduring Hammers. A group of Paladins that was formed as Justiciars (Sheriff/Judge) for the Dwarven community answering to The Assurance.

The Blessed visitation of the Resplendent Furnace. The Clerics of Moradin charged with leading the Dwarves of the Stronghold.

The Warders: A group of Dwarven Rune Mages\Clerics that oversee the stronghold’s Magical defenses. Some are known as the Gatekeys

The Fire Tenders: a group of Dwarf Druids that tend to cultivated colonies of fireflys that produce a honey like substance. (A staple of the Dwarven diet) At night the fireflies pour out of the entrances to the surface and return before dawn. It is very bad luck to kill a Firefly.

Places of Interest:

The Delving Stair. A stone stair case that was started early in the Stronghold’s (some say as the result of a divine visitation). Work continues on it (although very slowly) it has reached prestigious depths crossing many natural and unnatural caves in its plunge.

The Deep Pools. Crystal filled caverns with many pools of fresh water (feed by a Decanter of Endless Water like fissure to the elemental plane of water. )

The cavern of the night sky. An immense cavern filled with fireflies that at random intervals will form an accurate map of the heavens at that moment. It is considered a holy site and very few non dwarves have been there.

Plot Hooks:

While digging in the undercity an Abomination of the Yan-Ti is released (or partially contained) and PC must deal with the situation in the depths of the earth.

others to come.

The Dwarven Stronghold of FearGaurd

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