Town of LastBridge

Government Type: democracy
Leader: Mayor Rorry Irontoe (Halfling) “King of the River”
Population: 450 (%40 Halflings, %25 Gnomes, %15 Humans %20 Dwarves)
100 Loose Militia

Resources: Wood, Arable Farmland, Orchards, Livestock, River Navigation Expertise

Products\Trade: Food stuffs (Apples, Pairs, Grapes) Potables (Spiced Ciders, Wines), Meats. Rune Magic

History\Description: In the Prehistory of the area an unknown group built The Bridge. Built at the point where the river is at its smallest width (approximately three quarters of a mile) for its entire run south of the Lake. The bridge linked the east and west roads (now the Old Road) and from its design the Bridge was built to allow the passage of massive armies, huge beasts and to be a meeting/control point.

Abandoned at least 500 years ago much of the deck structure fell into ruin and the connections to the land on both sides were severed in the earthquakes that accompanied a volcanic eruption (approx. 350 years ago). The center section (strangely?) remained untouched by time and decay. Similarly the black stone pillars that made up the backbone of the bridge remain unmarred (historically several collisions by large barges filled with stone made not even a scratch in the pillars)

Approximately 50 years ago a barge headed south laden down with iron ore struck one of the center pylons; foundered, broke apart and sunk in the ice cold water of early spring. Three Halfling sailors clung to the undamaged pylon and in desperation began to climb. 150 feet later they reached the terraces of the lower deck and founded the Town of Last Bridge. Years passed and a series of rope bridges gave way to permanent wooden bridges between both shores and the “outer isles”. More recently(10 years or so) a group of clever Gnomes and Dwarves built two massive drawbridge constructs connecting the center to the two “outer isles” reestablishing the bridge as a functioning link east and west
The Town of Last Bridge occupies the center mass of the bridge structure, houses are built on the upper deck. (leaving a generous “road” between the two halves village for cross traffic. The Halfling community has festooned the underside of the bridge with houses suspended by cable and rope so that they hang down and sway in in the river wind.

As the Largest (generally) intact Precursor Artifact in the known world (at least above ground) The Bridge has attracted the attention of both magical and technical investigators. In particular the Sigil Sublimis and the Red Hammer Engineers are currently performing investigations and tests throughout the superstructure.

The River Spirits: a collection of River Navigators

The River Rats: a collection of deckhands and river workers

The Sigil Sublimis- a collection of Rune wizards and priests that are studying the ruin magic that were used in the creation the bridge (and apparently sustains it). There are rumors that they are looking for a Major Rune of creation (epic level??) that is said to be somewhere in the structure. They play considerable amount to the town government to be allowed to do it their research.

The Red Hammer Engineers- The building techniques that created the Bridge are far in advance of current methods (although they do appear to be at least in part the work of ancient dwarfs) The Red Hammer Siege-crafters have established an outpost here to research the engineering . In exchange for the right to explore and investigate the Red Hammer’s have developed the clever Draw-Bridge systems (that now connect the center with both sides) and set up defense systems (siege engines)

Places of Interest:
The Hanging houses: Many of the Halfling of Last Bridge live on the underside of the bridge. They have suspended their houses by rope and cables

The swinging inn: A human sized inn that is suspended below with the homes of the Halflings and swings quite widely . It is known for its views (a glass bottomed common room) the quality of the bards that play there and the finest apple cider on the river.

The Old Stone Man- an ancient statue that once likely was of a humanoid but now is only an immense misshapen block of stone. Boat captains pay it homage as they pass calling it the spirit of the river.

The Old Road (west of the river) an ancient road built by groups unknown that trails west into the Great forest. The road is made of ancient stone (Blue Stone flecked Granite) that has resisted ware and overgrowth. The target end point the road is unknown and it travels into the darkest parts of the Great Forest.

The Old Road (east of the river) locally called the gold road. In contrast to the road west of last bridge this road is in ruins. The road although passable is overgrown and requires a hourly ride check to travel at normal speed

Ghost Water River: Milky extremely cold water that comes out of the Glaciers in the northern mountains.

The Singing Vineyards

The Apex: the highest Decks of the two bridge towers at approximately 300 feet above the river allowing the watch (The Apex Vigil) to see over 20 miles in all directions. Spending 1 hour looking out from this height gives the user +1 to nature check in the area. (after a successful DC12 endurance representing the effort it takes to get to the top)

The Golden Spruces: Two 150ft tall Yellow Spruce trees that the Straddle the Ghost Water river. Local farmers see them as the boundary between the lowlands and the upland. Druids know them as “the Ghost water pillars” and they have some (as of yet) unknown link to the arcane powers effecting the Great river north of the last bridge.
Plot Hooks:
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Town of LastBridge

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