Deep Coral

Iridescent white coral


Deep Coral has many uses to the Aquatic Elves, while still growing on the sea floor it provides shelter to the many sea creatures which make up a large part of the Aquatic Elves dietary needs. It is rarer still when harvested and put to more practical uses such as household furniture, jewelry, weapons, and Armor. This resource is very rare and is never traded in it’s raw form because of it’s hardening quality.
When Deep Coral is first exposed to air it begins a hardening process; referred to as the Quickening, which will take 24 hours before becoming hard as steel. This process can be slowed but as the process is prolonged the resulting hardness weakens. Once hardened to the desired state has been reached it will never change. Aquatic Elves have mastered this process of extending the hardening through a technique they call water boarding, and have been able to make a short list of varying equivalent hardness: stone, wood, ceramic, and parchment.
Any household or personal item can be fashioned; from chairs, chests, and tables to Jewelry, book covers, and scroll tubes. It is rumored that the Elven City Treasury is fashioned from Deep Coral.
Weapons and armor are always hardened to Steel quality and are considered masterwork quality. These items normally have inherent properties which makes them extremely valuable and are usually reserved for the most respected stations within the Elven community. Items of armor fashioned from Deep Coral have no armor penalties or disadvantage due to its light weight material and also affords 5/fire resist. The most prized of armor is chainmail (5 lbs) and Chain shirt (1 lbs) followed by Breastplate (1 lbs) and finally Scalemail (5 lbs)(silk coat is used instead of leather). Weapons are 1/10 their weight and can always be used as finesse weapons. The edge of any slashing weapon is so sharp that upon a successful hit the wound will continue to bleed 1 hp/round until magically healed. Normal rest will not recover health until a magical healing of any sort is used.


Deep Coral has been a part of the Aquatic Elven society since the dawn of the race. Their undersea habitats sprung up around such coral reefs but only coral from the depths below 300’ are of Deep Coral. Ancient shipwreck at this depth are the perfect origins, but undersea geysers and heat vents can also produce huge Deep Coral reefs several hundred feet in length. The largest Deep Coral Reef discovered to date was 1,000 years ago by the Great Explorer Estivas Conveago Istancia, shortly after his recording of the find he vanished from history never to be heard from again. However followers of his work and writings have ventured far and wide in hopes to be break his discovery with an even larger find. Elves of today are still able to harvest from Estivas great find, but it is a very dangerous undertaking only the most revered and well armed merchants can afford to make such a run but the profits are well worth the effort.
The water boarding technique perfected by the Aquatic Elves is thought to be an alchemical process by the land faring races, which to this date have had only minor success in trying to duplicate. The technique is extremely coveted by those Elven crafter’s fortunate enough to have been taught this craft. Recruitment into the ranks of crater is that of born heritage and observed innate talent. It is in fact a magical technique of keeping the Deep Coral in stasis with repeated submersion in hot seawater. These artisans are usually dual talented in both water boarding and forging, depending upon what the desired outcome of the Deep Coral item. Armor smiths and weapons smiths can even specialize in a particular type for even greater results. This technique is a time honored tradition and everyone knows that Elves tend to do things with a time will tell attitude, or anything worth doing takes a while! So it goes for this technique, things are never rushed.
In history and legend there are three notable items fashioned from Deep Coral. The first is the Chainmail suit of Alisvendalir of House Terengil, First King of the Aquatic Elves. Usually worn during Stately Banquets of Honorary station due to visits of neighboring cities or far off lands. This chainmail suit +3 sheds light in a 20’ radius of any desired color. When worn the user can instantly transform water to air in a 50’ sphere centered on the suit (duration 10 rounds). when worn the user can cast a persistent blur spell 1/day. The last power provides when worn invulnerability to fire. This suit was lost to the Aquatic Elves when a visiting dignitary offered a valuable memento to the King, who upon touching it and a command from the now decapitated dignitary, caused the King to vanish never to be heard from again. All attempts to recover or ascertain the location of the King met with failure.

The second is the Long Sword of Lord Commander Jestinaril Floandil. This +3 Long sword of Deep Coral was give the name Justice. When drawn the blade increased charisma +4. While held and in battle the wielder is given the fighters “protection” fighting style. After defeating a chaotic aligned creature, all allied combatants gain inspiration equal to the wielders Charisma modifier. On a roll of 20 it will sever a body part (1d6: 1=left leg, 2=right leg, 3= left arm, 4=right arm, 5=head, 6=torso). This weapon is still in the possession of the Lord Commander of the Aquatic Elves main city of Asyldorei.

The third weapon is the Trident Oath Binder, this +3 weapon can command any living aquatic entity of animal intelligence within 100’ of the wielder, can be used to provide the concentration for up to 3 spells/day even simultaneously. Can cast Geas 1/day. Can cast charm person 1/day. Can cast command 1/day. While held the wielder has double movement speed underwater and is not hindered by any underwater movement impairing objects or creatures. This powerful trident was given to the Mystic Druidic Hierophant of the Kelp Forest Purigion by the current Queen of Asyldorei. The leader of the Druid Circle for the NeveReach sea area, Kilursar; wields with an even temper and does not take kindly to harassment or torture of innocent sea creatures. He is a valuable ally to the Aquatic Elves and as such was give the trident to manage the kelp forest and surrounding areas.

Deep Coral

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