Human Barbarians of the Stoneheld Woods


As passed down from father to son, mother to daughter in the Bloodstone Spider Tribe. Many many moons ago we lived in the great stone village to the north slaves to the scaledmen. We gathered from these very woods for them, to feed there Kingdom. “What is a Kingdom you ask? It was told to me that it was many villages ruled by one chief if you would believe it. But let me get back to the story.”

They cut the woods, hunted the deer, gathered the plants, just like we do now, but for them not for our selves like we do now. Many of our ancestors lived and died under their scaled hand. Till one day the Gods “No I do not know what the Gods are. Do you want me to finish my story.” The Gods grew angry and smote the land, but the power of the scaledmen was so mighty the Gods could not strike them directly. They smote the lands to the west flattening it. Even though the Gods did not strike the lands of the Scaledmen directly, their power was enough to destroy the Kingdom of the Scaledmen. Our ancestors fled into the woods they knew best, but the great cat, the wild pig and other beast of the wood that we hunt now killed many of them, till some of us found the great Totem Stone.

Others say their Tribe found their Stone first be we know this not to be true. We were the first and once we found it not only did the BloodStone Spider wrap us in it’s protective web, it gave us the prophecy. Some day the stars would align, when the village of the Scaledmen was raised again, but by the People and the stone men. One of the People would be born to lead the people back to their rightful place.

Religion: Primal Spirits:

The People worship primarily the Primal spirits represented by the Stone Totem they found when they fled the fall of the Yan-Ti kingdom. The tribes that did not find a Stone Totem after the fall will pay homage to lesser spirits as need. They call on the Spirit of the Great Cat or Wild Pig or Cunning Wolf when they hunt. They will call on the Spirit of the Doe when they seek out the herbs and plants for their poultices. The Greater Tribes will only show a token respect to the Lesser Spirits.

The Barbarians and their Tribes:

There are 10 Greater tribes, which are: BloodStone Spiders, Bronze Griffons, Ebony Flys, Golden Lions, Ivory Goats, Marble Elephants, Obsidian Steed, Onyx Dogs, Silver Ravens, and Serpentine Owls. Of those Serpentine Owls are an outcast tribe that only a few of the most desperate lesser tribes will deal with them.

The Great Tribes range from 20 to 50 families and live in walled-in villages around their Totem stone. The Lesser Tribes range from 5 to 25 families and may live in a walled-in village or cave or may even just roam the woods, settling for a time in any clearing the think will be safe for a time.

Other inhabitants of the Stoneheld Wood:

Bandits have been known to live just with-in the edge of the woods normally venturing no deeper then a mile or two unless they have to to lose pursuit. Over the years several bands have tried to set up camp deeper but they are normally never heard from again due to the threats of the Barbarian and Orc tribes and the wild beast that roam the woods.

There are many bands of Orcs that roam the woods. Most bands are too small to be called a tribe, the bands break apart or merge with other bands sometimes being absorbed by one of the 4 true tribes. The four tribes being the Evil Sunz, Bad Moon, Gloomfang and Bloody Spear tribes. Must is known about the Evil Sunz and the Bad Moon Tribes, the others living deep in the woods to the north and troubling the Protectorate little.

The Bad Moon tribe is lead by a shaman that follows the druidic tradition. She does meet the other Druids for the seasonal meetings, but little other civil contact is had between them and the other tribes, barbarian or Orc.

The Evil Sunz are lead by a shaman that has mad a pack with a power known as Pelor, the Burning Hate. Some say that Pelor is worshiped in distant lands as a benevolent god of the sun. This has not been confirmed and if true is this the true Pelor or an impostor? If so why use Pelors name?


The Druids are the de facto leaders of the People. The Druids gather at Stone Mountain 4 times a year to determine how they will guide their tribes over the coming season and year. The 2 Solstice are the most important meetings and most Druids try to make at least 1 if not both of these. The 2 Equinox are lesser meetings that Druids make if they have nothing else pressing going on and are close to Stone Mountain. Even the Serpentine Owl is welcome to these meeting, if only barely and so the others can “keep” an eye on them.


Furs, Wood, Herbs

Places of Interest:

Stone Mountain: Where the Druids meet.

Plot Hooks:

The woods is inhabited by Goblinoid, Giants, Trolls and wild beast of all kinds. Many of the Tribes also have little or no love of outsiders.

What are the Totem Stones really?

Whats on the other side of the woods?

Human Barbarians of the Stoneheld Woods

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