Magic Items

Shimmering Honey
This somewhat bitter honey like substance is normally found in small stone jars (12 oz). A jar contains 4 applications which can be eaten raw or added to non-cooked foods (including liquids). Larger quantities are often stored in glass containers to provide light for a room.

Effect (Consumable): Eating one serving of this honey grants you Darkvision for 1d6 hours. You treat darkness within 60 feet of you as dim light. When you do so, your vision is in black and white. Your eyes glow a soft yellow for the duration

Special: Mildly Toxic: when consumed you must make a DC 5 Constitution saving throw if you fail you become light sensitive to the point of distraction suffering disadvantage on all Perception related checks (Spot & Search) for 2d6 hours

Alis Foci Vital
These tiny dark semi-precious stones have one sharp point that is used to pierce the skin and draw a small amount of blood that powers the Magic. They are normally found in bags of 1d4 stones

Effect (Consumable): In activating the Foci the user takes 1 point of damage (this damage cannot be healed in any manner while the foci is in use) The stone begins to orbit the users head and allows the user to place the concentration burden of any spell with that has that duration requirement on the stone allowing the user to cast another spell that requires concentration (or any other action ) the Foci will “hold” the concentration for 1 minute at which point the user may choose to expend 2 additional hit points for an another 1 minute of “concentration” (with the same stipulation that damage cannot be healed in any manner while the foci is in use) additional rounds are effected on the chart below.
Round hit point loss (cumulative)
1 1 (1)
2 2 (3)
3 3 (6)
4 4 (10)
5 5 (15)

  • History:* The blood wizard Alis Cinege first explorer of the royal library crafted these items in an effort to extend her protective spells while investigating the Yan-ti ruins in the Dark-some Swamp. Alis current whereabouts are unknown her last known location was the Ashfall Bog in the far east of the swamp.

Bangadir’ Silks
These hard to find silks are made by the Bangadir’ of the Brightwater Armadas. Almost exclusively traded only to other elves armadas, some times an outsider will have enough coin to buy a bolt of the silk. The silk are stronger then normal silks, holding colors better and when crafted as cloths will keep the wearer cool in heat and warm in the cold. It is use by the Elves of the Armada for their cloths and sails.

Effect (Clothing): When worn as clothing the silks are resistant to tearing, water, dirt and other types of damage. It also acts as the resist elements spell. Able to keep wearer comfortable in extremes of temperature, but not to sudden changes as from an attack spell or a dragons breath. The sets worn by the Elves also have a clean cantrip embedded so the elves always appear clean.

Magic Items

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