Sea Elves of Brightwater Armada


In the beginning the Elves of the Armada lived in the old lands the humans now control. They built their cities of Wraith-bone where they lived in solitude, occasionally trading with the dwarves. Then the humans started to appear, at first they did not notice such a lowly creature as they would any other animal. By the time they noticed the humans it was too late, they had grew in such numbers that they could not easily be wiped out. The humans had grown in numbers and unknown to the elves made contact with the dwarves and started learning from them and trading with them.

Religion: The God and Goddess

The Arks

Faelanim’s Arks

Bangadir’s Arks
The Diviner Chariot
The Sorceror’s Blood
The Goddess Dawn

Naegegol’s Arks
Ravager of Souls of House Naggaron
Tower of Oblivion of House Hag Graef
Jade Palace of Pain of House Clar Karond


Places of Interest:

Plot Hooks:

Sea Elves of Brightwater Armada

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